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(BONUS Tape 29) In Conversation with Comedy Writer and VA, Debs Wardle

June 07, 2023 Ted Huggins, Debs Wardle Episode 29
Cryo Pod Tapes
(BONUS Tape 29) In Conversation with Comedy Writer and VA, Debs Wardle
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Debs is a voiceover artist and comedy writer who although has only been in the VO industry for a little over 3 years, as Debs put it herself, she believes to have found her calling the moment she first stood in front of a microphone. As well as talking about Debs' humble beginnings as a VO, we also talk about a whole load of other subjects. Such as the usual tips and lessons she’s learned along her journey so far, our fascination and admiration towards famous audio drama director Dirk Mags, her performance on Cryo Pod Tapes' Episode 21 Lone Orbit by Roger Ley, and the difference between bad script writing and good script writing, delving into detail while using examples from movies like Alien, Game of Thrones, and Transformers. There's that and more in this newest longest episode in Cryo Pod Tapes history, so we hope you enjoy it.

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