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(BONUS Tape 27) In Conversation with VA, Brad Shaw

May 10, 2023 Ted Huggins, Brad Shaw Episode 27
Cryo Pod Tapes
(BONUS Tape 27) In Conversation with VA, Brad Shaw
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In this Conversation Episode, I sit and chat with fellow voiceover artist and my friend, Brad Shaw. Brad has been in the creative industries all his life and has had experience as a theatre actor, a show reel producer, a murder mystery facilitator and of course, a voiceover artist. As well as delving into Brad's colourful career, we hear the story of how he created his VO training platform, Wonderland VO. Which started out as an audiobook project of Alice in Wonderland, in support of the NHS during the first Covid lockdown. We also talk about what makes acting, "good" acting and in brads opinion, why being part of a community of voiceovers can be one of the best things an aspiring VO can do.

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Introductions & Wonderland VO
Brad's Creative Career & Voiceover Beginnings
Brad's Passion for Voice Acting
Brad's Performance on Dagon & Other Audio Drama Performances
Ted's Discovery of H.P Lovecraft
Brad's Mentors & Brad's Favourite VO Gig
Potential Future for Cryo Pod Tapes & Marketing Advise from Brad
Favourite Productivity Hack, Equipment and Software
How do You Judge Whether an Actor is a Good Actor?
Brad's Dream Microphone
Brad's 3 Important Lessons for Beginners VA's
Final Question and Episode Wrap Up

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