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(BONUS Tape 18) In Conversation with Indie Writer and Storyteller, Nick Lay

November 02, 2022 Ted Huggins, Nick Ley Episode 18
Cryo Pod Tapes
(BONUS Tape 18) In Conversation with Indie Writer and Storyteller, Nick Lay
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I sit and chat with Indie Writer and Host of the horror YouTube channel, Darker Stories, Nick Lay. Author of Episode 8's "The Garden of Meat". We talk about a huge range of subjects, from Nick's humble beginnings as a writer, his story inspirations and discuss our personal fears. We also talk about our own personal goals as creatives and realise we might a lot more in common than we expected. I'm sure you'll find the conversation intriguing and enlightening.

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Garden of Meat & Production Process
Nicks Sound Design Interest & The Intrigue of Writing
More About Garden of Meat & Nicks Beginnings as a Writer
Art, Sharing Creativity & Wanting to Create Something
Nicks Passion for Writing Sci-fi Horror
What Scares Nick and Ted
What Subjects Nick Avoids in Writing
Politics in Story Writing & Religion
Nicks 3 Most Important Lessons for Beginner Writers
Favourite Productivity Hack, Equipment and Software & Ted's Writing Idea
Final Question and Episode Wrap Up

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