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(BONUS Tape 16) In Conversation with VA, Justine Ghosty

August 10, 2022 Ted Huggins, Justine Ghosty Episode 16
Cryo Pod Tapes
(BONUS Tape 16) In Conversation with VA, Justine Ghosty
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In this bonus episode, I sit down and chat with VA, Justine Ghosty who narrated for Episode 15's The Extraordinary Lineage of Ethan McKay. In this conversation episode, we talk about Justine's life as a voiceover artist, where she shares how her journey as VA started out for her, the revelations she has experienced that have played a vital role in finding out herself both in regards to her voice, as well as herself as VA. We also talk about our most inspirational mentors as well as tips, tricks and advice for other voiceover beginners. It's a long one so there's plenty of info for everyone to learn something.

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Justine's Beginnings as a Voice Artist
Different Voice Genres and Which Ones Suit Our Voices Best
Teaching Yourself to Listen Critically & Getting Used to How Your Natural Voice Sounds
Justine's Passion for Voice Acting
Justine's Inspiration Mentors
Famous Voice Actors We Love
Justine's 3 Most Important Lessons for Beginner VA's
Favourite Productivity Hack, Equipment and Software
Justine's Dream Microphone & Some Studio Advice
Final Question
Justine's Performance on The Extraordinary Lineage of Ethan McKay & Episode Wrap Up

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